fast invocation of code over nREPL

Grenchman lets you run Clojure code quickly. By connecting to a running nREPL server you avoid JVM startup time, streamlining your development workflow. It includes its own repl client implementation featuring full GNU Readline support as well as the ability to invoke Leiningen tasks.

Just launch an nREPL server in the background with lein trampoline repl :headless or by embedding nREPL in your codebase, and grench will connect to it and run your code there.

Please report issues on GitLab or on IRC.

The latest version of Grenchman is 0.3.0, but it claims to be Distributed native binaries are about 10MB but have no dependencies required besides libffi and libreadline-dev. All programs are 64-bit.

Download the appropriate binary for your platform, set the executable bit with chmod, and place it on your $PATH as grench to install. You can check the signatures by pulling in the key with gpg --recv-keys 77E77DDC and running gpg --verify $ASC_FILE.

Source and issues are tracked on GitLab.